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AveSui America Latina Online 24H/7D

In a hybrid format, AveSui adopts an integrated communication strategy, leveraging business spaces for exhibitors

With an innovative and exclusive digital platform, exhibitors and visitors will have a unique experience at a virtual fair. In the case of companies, they will be fully supported by Gessulli Agribusiness media, responsible for connecting them with their target audience all around the world

AveSui América Latina will be held in a new format this year, in a hybrid way, with face-to-face and online activities. The innovation of the digital platform where the trade show will take place – coupled with the capillarity of of Gessulli Agribusiness' integrated communication structure – will be critical in maintaining an appropriate business environment for exhibitors, taking advantage of the moment of continuous growth of the Brazilian agribusiness.

The project of AveSui América Latina Online 24H/7D, which is the name of this year's edition, created a communication strategy to expand the earnings of all exhibiting companies, which will be able to introduce their technologies and launches with intuitive, virtual navigation, allowing real-time contact with visitors and prospects. Additionally, for a period of 30 days after the fair – which takes place virtually from 13 to 15 April – a series of actions will be promoted with the exhibiting companies based on the communication tools of Gessulli Agribusiness, whose objective is to enhance the marketing of the companies. Exhibitors will have solutions at their disposal, such as the Official Exhibitor Catalog, a digital coverage edition of AGRPlay AveSui, livestreams, timelines of promoted actions, interviews, and others.

“Such a comprehensive structure can only be offered on the agricultural market by Gessulli Agribusiness; we are not just a trade show organizer, but an integrated communication company which can offer solutions and tools that create connections between exhibiting companies and partners directly with the target audience of their products, anywhere in the world”, says Andrea Gessulli, director of Gessulli Agribusiness.


The online format of AveSui América Latina Online 24H/7D will maintain all of its characteristics already known by the market, as a stage to launch innovations and technologies, networking, and closing deals.

Not holding the face-to-face version of the trade show is a measure to preserve the integrity of people's health in a delicate moment such as the one we are currently facing. Throughout its history, AveSui has always stood out for the adoption of biosafety protocols aimed at human health and the preservation of health on farms, avoiding any risk of pathogens being carried over to the properties. Thus, measures such as using hand sanitizer, banning animal exposure, placing sanitary mats in access locations and others, have become common practices in all editions of the trade show.

Regardless of this, with the digital version of AveSui, we will be able to maintain the high level of our discussions on topics relevant to the industry, without losing any space for exhibitions of new products and technological innovations. The Poultry, Pig, Milk, and Fish Scientific Technical Seminar, this year sponsored by the NSF certifier, will have an extensive and important program on technical and market topics. The event will also include activities such as the Brazilian Congress of Precision Zootechnics, presentations of scientific works, live broadcasts of actions and interviews with exhibitors at the fair.

In their new digital environment, the main companies linked to the national and international animal protein production chains will be connected with customers and potential customers worldwide. “The main objective of holding the event in this format is to provide AveSui Latin America participants with an experience as enriching as that of face-to-face events,” says Andrea Gessulli, director of Gessulli Agribusiness. “The ideal time to invest in strengthening the brand, launching innovations and products is now; and nothing like a fair with the potential to reach the whole world in this online format to expand business and take advantage of the good moment experienced by agribusiness,” reinforces Andrea.


The official opening of AveSui América Latina Online 24H/7D will be in face-to-face format, but in a restricted event and accompanied by all the standards required by health organizations in the State of Paraná. It will hold the traditional Quem é Quem Award: Largest and Best Brazilian Poultry and Pig Cooperatives, which reaches its fifth edition, sponsored by De Heus and with the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB) as its employer.

The award will only be attended by the presidents of the cooperatives, authorities, and a small number of VIP guests. Quem é Quem highlights the important work of cooperatives to support Brazilian agriculture and, this year, their categories will also include the actions and initiatives developed for the prevention and control of Covid-19 among its employees, members, and the community.

For more information on AveSui América Latina Online 24H/7D in hybrid format visit the website: www.avesui.com or contact us by email: [email protected]

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